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Rick Grange - owner of Canadian Aqua Farm

Tania & I came across your dried black worm with spinach product whilst living in Tasmania after dealing with Crestpets. We will continue use your product as our discus and veil angels won't eat anything else (as seen in photos above). Beth and the crew at Australian Blackworm are always extremely prompt with delivery and extremely helpful with any enquiries. Deliveries are even quicker now we have moved to Melbourne. We totally agree with "Steve G" our discus are thicker, more colourful and seem so much more active.
Thanks Beth & crew & your AAA+++ service!!!

Billy P

I have been using Mal's freeze dried black worms as part of a balanced diet for my discus for a number of years now. It is suitable for all stages of discus culture from 3 week old fry onwards. Mals blackworms stimulate fast growth in the fry, better and faster conditioning response for newly imported discus, enhances breeding response, are clean and convenient to use. Best of all, the discus love them and these worms are easily their favorite food.

Rod Lewis - Fishmania - Tropical fish importer, breeder and hobbiest

My fish (loaches, barbs and ghost knife fish) just love your dried black worms. I used to use fresh or frozen blood worms, but I find my fish get way more excited for much longer about the black worms. I’m not sure if its because they have more protein or because they taste better to fish, but there is something about these worms that drives my fish crazy and has them capering around for quite a while after I’ve put the worms in the tank. In addition to my fish finding the taste delicious, I also like the way the dried product distributes itself around the tank - it seems a bit lighter so that instead of all the worms sinking to the bottom, they distribute evenly around the tank so that my top and bottom feeders all get a treat. Thanks again for the worms, my fish really do love them!

Sally Hyslop, Western Australia

I recently ordered a 10gm pack of the freeze dried to try - I regularly buy the live from a local shop. Just some feedback for you - all my fish go crazy over these and the good part is that some of the pieces are small enough for my Rummynose Tetras to swallow in my community/grow up tank. My community tank is 2' deep but once they can tell the sprinkling on the surface of the water , even the Jewel Cichlids that tend to hide in the bottom of the tank's caves etc come out and actively participate in a feeding frenzy. I did find the cubes ( sent as a freebie thanks ) didn't adhere to the glass as well as I'd hoped though they were still eaten with relish.


My fish cannot get enough of Mal's FDBWs [Freeze Dried Black Worms]. Very convenient and easy to feed. The best part is that I not have to worry about them getting lost under any plants or pieces of driftwood. My fish do not leave any trace that they were ever in the tank. My fry tend to ignore feedings of other food and try to wait for the black worms. I have to cut them off for a few days and make sure they do not get them everyday or they won't take anything else. Talk about addicting. I cannot wait until my next order gets here. I am down to about 10 cubes and I think they all know it

I have been using this product for about a year now, and have yet to find any other fish food better. I have used flakes, Tetra Bits, Ocean Nutrition, Hikari Bloodworms and many other foods for my discus and other tropical fish. None of them compare to the Australian Freeze Dried Black Worms. My discus are thicker, and simply more vibrant since I have been using this great product. I also hove found this food has saved me some cash over the Hikari Bloodworms, which used to be my staple food. Thank You.

Steve G.

Josie - Owner of Chicago Discus,GCCA member,NADA

After many years of being away from the hobby I got back into Discus and two great things happened, I found the Simply Discus forums and Aquatic Suppliers freeze dried black worms. To say that fish love the product and thrive on this food would be an understatement. Since moving to Freeze Dried Australian Black Worms my fish are growing (some may need a diet) at an incredible rate and my tank has never been healthier!

Marc H.

I just want to say what fantastic customer service I have received, & top notch product! Your freeze dried blackworms are by far my Discus' & Angelfish's FAVORITE food. A+

Trish H. from Monroe, NC

I feed my discus a variety of foods and they are very willing feeders but usually require a few feedings of any new food before they will take to it without hesitation. With Freeze Dried Australian Black Worms I never saw that hesitation. They devoured it instantly!

Elliot D. from Charleston, SC

I have been using these freeze dried black worms for a while now. All of my fish have eaten them with minutes of introducing them. They definitely keep my fish nice and thick and help them grow to full potential! I would recommend this product to anyone! My fish can't get enough of them!
Brandon T.

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much my Discus love your Australian Freeze Dried Black Worms. My discus go crazy for them and it really puts the mass on them fast without messing up water quality. I feed your black worms along with a good flake food and have seen the same growth as if using beef heart without the mess. I've compared yours to your competitor's product and not only do my fish prefer yours, but also your are noticeably cleaner, finer and don't cloud the water or smell fishy like their's do.

Thank you for the sample of Blackworms w/ Spinach. My review:
The cubes came nicely preserved, they did not fall apart during shipping. I like the fact, that even with the spinach added - the cube retains it's uniform size and shape. Species of fish; African - South American and New World Cichlids, puffer fish. My fish are fed 3 times daily. The addition of spinach does not cause any cloudiness in the water during feeding. My fish DEVOUR the cubes, I believe more so than the standard blackworm cubes. I have also noticed that my Lake Milawi, Lake Victoria cichlids show no sign of stomach bloat from eating the blackworms/blackworms with spinach. This can be a problem with feeding worms to these fish, I stopped feeding my fish freeze dried tubifex and bloodworms for this very reason.
When I order again, I would order the Blackworms w/Spinach. This is my new favourite food. As, long as the price is reasonable - and the packaging options stay the same. I like the fact, the fish are getting their veggies along with their blackworms. Baby fish up to adults, relish these cubes.
I have no hesitation recommending your products to any of my fish keeping friends.
I hope to see the Blackworms w/Spinach on your site very soon! And if not, how do I go about ordering them from you?
Thank you,