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All customers:

If you are a first-time customer, please REGISTER. This allows the website to allocate local or international shipping and usually solves any issues you may have with filling in details. Please ensure your details are correct, we do not rewrite your information, it is copied and pasted to a label for your parcel.

Please allow one week for processing and mail out. There are times when the product you have ordered may still be processing. We always endeavour to have enough stock to despatch your parcel within 48 hours, while ensuring product as fresh as possible.

Our black worms are grown in Victoria, and do not contain any known disease. It is illegal to bring/import black worms into Australia. Our expertise is with black worms so we recommend you ask on the fish Forums for the best feedback if you have questions about feeding fish. Our black worm products have all been tested by respected fish breeders.

Our farm is closed between Christmas and New Year. We do not despatch product during this time because of disruption with freight, mail and public holidays.

International customers:

We send freeze-dried black worms by Australia Post. International customers may request parcels be sent by Express Post International and pay the extra charge, however we cannot guarantee that on entering your country the parcel will be cleared quickly by customs, and the extra charge for EPI will be substantial. If you wish to use Express Post International, please request this in the Notes section of the web page order and we will contact you with the extra charge.

Customers in Asia should expect to receive their parcel within 10 days from despatch. In USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and all other countries, please allow 3 weeks for delivery through customs/postal service. Please check if your country charges tax to receive your parcel. New Zealand customers: Experience shows Customs takes several weeks to clear our product, so please allow 3 weeks for receipt of your parcel.

Australian customers:

This website is designed for international use, so Australian customers, please fill in your SUBURB or TOWN which matches your postcode, when the website asks for your CITY (not the capital city of your state). Parcels can go missing if your suburb/city/town does not match your postcode (eg if your postcode is 3039 you must write Moonee Ponds NOT Melbourne) as the PO will normally not accept parcels unless the suburb/city/town matches the postcode. We do not rewrite your information, it is copied and pasted to a label for your parcel.

We send freeze-dried black worms by Australia Post. They will be delivered as your normal mail parcels are delivered and unfortunately we cannot request they are left in special places. We do not offer an Express Post service because we are located in a rural area not in a capital city and next day delivery is not guaranteed.

Live black worms are only available within Australia:

Please contact us before you place your first order for live black worms via the website. Send your postcode so we can check that your order will be received within the time required to guarantee live/good quality black worms. We can send to most areas within Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart, and Perth. Some areas of country Victoria are also accessible, but most other areas, including NSW central coast are not serviced by freight companies in the time required. It was this frustration with transporting live black worms which caused us to develop our excellent freeze-dried product.

An easy way to keep live black worms: Spread 500gm worms in a kitty-litter size tray. Gently stir any ‘balls’ of worms to separate them. Cover with cool, aged water and place in fridge. Do not cover the tray as the worms need oxygen. Check every day and change water if necessary.